Monday, December 5, 2011

Nerd Wars!


Nerd Wars VIP Premiere Party

When the film Nerd Wars had its premiere in Hollywood, my cupcakes got a VIP seat! The director, Willie Pena,  contacted me to make some cupcakes for the after party, so I whipped up these tasty treats for the cast and crew to enjoy. 

It was fun making these nerdy cupcakes with edible glasses. The glasses were made from black fondant. I wanted to add some color, so I made blue butter cream to decorate the cupcakes - just to make them different, for them to stand out. I made two different types of cupcakes, chocolate and yellow cake. An inside source informed me that the cupcakes went like hotcakes. Awesome!

Many thanks to Nerd Wars for making Have Your Cupcake and Eat It Too part of their big premiere.

Want to learn more about Nerd Wars?
* Watch the movie online.
* Like the movie on Facebook.

* Look it up on IMDb.
* Watch the trailer on YouTube.


  1. Irma,

    Thanks so much for the cupcakes. Lots of people at the Nerd Wars! premiere commented on how these were some of the best, moistest cupcakes they had ever tried. They were awesome, and the ones with the glasses were a huge hit of course!

    Cupcakes by Irma ROCKS!

    Willie Pena
    Writer/Director/Executive Producer

  2. These cupcakes were much sought-after, especially those with the glasses! :)